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Natalie Hensby

amazing testimony of healing and rescue

amazing testimony of healing and rescueCome and hear her amazing testimony of rescue!

Natalie Hensby is an active member of C3 City who lives, works and studies in Sydney. In June 2010, Natalie and three friends were involved in a major boat accident while holidaying in Thailand. The boat they were travelling on collided at full speed with an oncoming boat 5km offshore, late at night.

Aged 19 at the time, Natalie was the worst injured sustaining 10 broken bones, a brain haemorrhage and punctured lung. Her survival is miraculous as she was unconscious in the water and to this day does not know who rescued her. She believes it was a supernatural rescue, as her first memory of the accident was waking up in a Thai hospital one week later.

Bed-ridden for two months, she prayed for a speedy and complete recovery.  She was completely healed months ahead of her specialist’s prognosis.

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